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Juri Konradi – Happy Disco NY 2017

Heavily inspired by Frankie Knuckles dj sets and his productions together with Eric Kupper  (under Director’s Cut alias).

Even I never was big fun of disco house, I still loved some disco tunes with humour, like From: Disco To: Disco or with great energy, like Noize (Nilz Mix). But playing at New Year Eves back to back with DJ Grey and with DJ Esoniq it appear that disco is best style for New Year night. Later  I discovered some very great productions by Director’s Cut. I must admit that lately I play disco more than ever.


Mario Biondi – You Can’t Stop This Love Between Us (Sony Music 2015) (vinyl)
Alister Johnson – Broken Body (feat Rahan Boxley) (Do Right! Music 2016) (vinyl)
Mario Biondi – Over The World (Sony Music 2015) (vinyl)
Артур Пирожков – Я звезда! (digital)
Mario Biondi – Deep Space (feat. James Taylor) (digital)
Артур Пирожков – Я не умею танцевать (digital)
Serge Gainsbourg – Sea, sex & sun (Demon Ritchie rmx) (Electronica Gainsbourg M2 (Mercury France 2001) (vinyl)
Mario Biondi – This Is What You Are (Victor Santon mix) (digital)
George Michael – Flawless (Go to the City) (digital)
Donna Allen – He Is The Joy (U.B.P. Prime Time Dub) (Soulfuric Rec 1999) (vinyl)
Marko Militano – Good People (Director’s Cut Signature Mix) (digital)
Joris Voorn vs Moby – After The After (Rejected REJ LTD 002) (vinyl)
Artful & Ridney feat. Terri Walker – Missing You (Eric Kupper’s ‘Director’s Cut tribute to FK’ mix) (Extra Dry 2014) (vinyl)
Joris Voorn – Incident (Miyagi) (Rejected 2012) (vinyl)
Todd Terje – Strandbar (disko) (Olsen 2013) (vinyl)
Ashford & Simpson – Bourgie Bourgie (A Director’s Cut Exclusive) (unreleased) (digital)
Phil & Dan – Regulate (Ian Pooley rmx) (Pooledmusic 2010) (vinyl)
Lou Rawls – You’ll Never Find (Konrad Carelli & Mark Zalewski Club Mix) (digital)
Monique Bingham & Quentin Harris – Poor People (digital)
Salome De Bahia – Festejar – Cabaret (Yellow Prod 2002) (vinyl)
Eclipse – Makes Me Love You (Morning Star) (Ocean Trax Rec / Azuli Rec 1999) (vinyl)
Floorplan – Music (M-Plant 2016) (vinyl)
Uner meets Iranzo Lasia – Vor Haus (Diynamic Music 2009) (vinyl)
Daniel Stefanik – Rush – Confidence (Cocoon 2012) (vinyl)
Spencer Parker – The Look feat. Dan Beaumont (Director’s Cut signature mix) (Saved Rec) (vinyl)
Floorplan – Tell You No Lie (M-Plant 2016) (vinyl)
Gabriel vs. Nilz ‎– Noize (Nilz Mix) (Very Disco Records 2006) (vinyl)
Gui Boratto – Get The Party Started (Kompakt 2014) (vinyl)
Daft Punk – Revolution 909 (Daft Trax/Soma/Virgin 1997) (vinyl)
Whirlpool Productions – From: Disco To: Disco (Sum Records 1998) (vinyl)
Eastbam – Aka Aka (Low Spirit Recordings 1990) (vinyl)

Latvian Disco 75-83

Track list:

Aija Kukule & Instrum. ansamblis Ivara Vīgnera vadībā – Nāc, sēdies manā mākonī! – Melodiju Stafete 1 (Melodija 1983)

Kaspars Dimiters, Aivars Hermanis – Tu mana Āfrika, mana Antarktida – Melodiju Stafete 5 (Melodija 1986)

Raimonds Pauls, A. Kukule, M. Zīvere, P. Gebharde – Tai Pilsētā – Naktsputni (Melodija 1978)

Eolika VIA (Borisa Rezņika vadībā) – Eolika – Mūzika diskoklubos (Melodija 1983)

Zodiac – Provincial Disco ‎- Disco Alliance (Мелодия 1980)

Raimonds Pauls, Nora Bumbiere & Viktors Lapčenoks – Sikspārņa Fledermauša Šūpuļdziesma – Nekal Mani Gredzenā (Melodija 1975)

Raimonds Pauls, A. Kukule, M. Zīvere, P. Gebharde – Jūras Zvaigzne – Naktsputni (Melodija 1978)

Zodiac – Rock On The Ice ‎- Disco Alliance (Мелодия 1980)

Aija Kukule – Tikai Tevi – Melodiju Stafete 2 (Melodija 1983)

Odis (Arņa Medņa vad.) – Radio – Melodiju Stafete 7 (Melodija 1988)

VIA Zigmara Liepiņa vadība – Deja – Melodiju Stafete 3 (Melodija 1985)

Anna Led Spring/Summer 2017 Dragonfly Collection mix

Video from the show:

Zemfira Australia (Juri Konradi remix)


Zemfira Australia (Juri Konradi remix) cover

You can buy now my most popular remix legally through legitmix.

Their concept is simple: you buy original version on iTunes, install small program that will check that you did it, and then buy the remix from them. I ask all my fans who already have this track to buy it. Thank you.

Programming colours of Reloop Beatpad 2 in DJ Player Pro (iOS)

In DJ Player Pro some of the buttons have ‘Output’ setting. It means that by pressing the button you can program it to glow with specific colour. This is very useful feature while creating MIDI mapping for Betpad 2 and using all it colourful buttons.
(For example: in MIDI/Loop/Auto Loop 1 Beat/Map Deck A/Output:
Channel and Note: must be set to the same value as ‘Input’ (and Input is set by using ability to ‘Learn’),
‘On:’ and ‘Off:’ – explained below).

On: colour if the button is pressed
Off: colour if the button is not pressed

0 OFF (button doesn’t light)
1 Blue
2 Light Blue

8 Light Light Blue
11 Turquoise (бирюзовый)

15 Light Green

22 Green Cold
23 Green Warm
26 Light Green (Salad) (салатовый)
30 Yellow-Green
35 Yellow
40 Orange
41 Red Light
42 Red
43 Red-Pink
45 Pink
48 Violet
50 Violet
53 Violet
56 Purple-Violet (Magenta-Violet) (пурпурный)
60 Violet-Blue
61 Violet-Dark Blue
63 OFF (button doesn’t light)
64 White

127 White (Default)

Djay (Algoriddim) proposals

Browse screen to contain more useful information

1. Remove word “BPM” – everybody know what 124 means.

2. Remove Length of the track info – it is not useful.

3. By doing this space will appear to display longer Title and Artist Name.

4. If Title does not fit, add second line with smaller font size.


Juri Konradi – Conga Nights 5: Bridges


Four Tet – Morning Side (Text Records)
Andre Galuzzi & Dana Ruh – Trambolla (Aras)
SIS – Hang (Lucid Dreaming)
Sean Miller – Vida (Ovum)
Marshall & Libex – Black Conga (Simone Cristini remix) (303 Lovers)
Sonic & Wooden – Flamenco Electronico (Kaato Music)
Max Doblhoff – Mama Jo (Basti Grub remix) (Clubcruise)
Wareika – Bolero (Visionquest)
&Me – Locust (Keinemusik)
Simone Cristini – Negriero (Loca)
Re You – Very Very (Butch Remix) (Moon Harbour)
Butch – Chakra (Deep Down K-Hole Cut) (Noir Music)
OID – Snowqueen (unreleased)

Selected and mixed by Juri Konradi, 2016.