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Playing “Break On Through” by DJ Disse

Conga Nights 4: Cloud

Forth episode of Conga Nights mixes. Melodic, ethnic, folk, dreamy, children & tribal house/techno.

Fritz Kalkbrenner – Kings In Exile (Suol)
Bryan Ferry – Alphaville (Todd Terje remix) (Vinyl Factory)
Lee Jones – Safari (Stimming remix) (Aus Music)
The Cure – Cured (Pig & Dan remix) (white)
Wild Culture – For Everything (Kittball)
Optional Feast – Zahyara (Electronical Reeds)
Phil Fuldner / Dan Dinsing – Regulate (Ian Pooley remix) (Pooled Music)
Emanuele Inglese – Come On (Simone Cristini remix) (Wahrhaft Music)
Karsh Kale – Distance (Banco De Gaia rmx) (Six Degrees)
Anjiro Rijo – Noniro (Wl77 Records)
Silvia Rocca – Harmonica (Karim Razak rmx) (Stop and Go)
Juri Konradi – Hippies In A Glade (Platz Fur Tanz)
Mihalis Safras – La Samba Di Chicos (Material Series)
Stimming – Una Pena (Dynamic)
Pizeta – Remedios (Kling Klong)
Unknown – Spn—>rmx (Unknown)
Matias Aguayo – Rollerskate (Kompakt)

Selected and mixed by Juri Konradi, 2015. Recorded from vinyl, except 12.


100% Riga

by Girts Ragelis 2014

by Girts Ragelis 2014

Photo by Girts Ragelis, taken for 100% Riga theatre project, created by Rimini Protocol, 2013 December.

Conga Nights 3: Dune

Third episode of Conga Nights mixes is pretty easy, relaxed, sometimes deep and hypnotic house with tribal elements.

Entlet – La Selva (Perspectiv)
Candy Street – Candy Street (Summer edit) (Candystreet)
Unknown – WR01 (Unknown)
T.D. ‎– Siboney (We Can Do It!)
Pizeta – Klezmer (original remastered) (Gold Records)
SunSay – Wind Song (Juri Konradi remix) (unreleased)
Mihalis Safras – Interamerica (Trapez Ltd)
Daniel Stefanik – Rush (Cocoon)
Mihalis Safras – Chicas Latinas (feat Noidoi) (Great Stuff)
Vicente Fausto Messina – Melocoton (Aldocadiz remix) (Mainakustik)
Sergio Parrado & Kiko Mayor – Mina (Music Is The Answer)
Rp – Brknhrs (Scharnhorst)

Selected and mixed by Juri Konradi, 2015.
Recorded from vinyl.


Lomidze feat. Tissa – El Mar (Juri Konradi remix)


Lomidze feat. Tissa – El Mar (Juri Konradi dub mix)

Amateur techno video I did for my track on Datenbits Recordings

Conga Nights 2: Lava

Sidney Charles – Big Bada Boom (Sante remix) (Kling Klong)
Optional Feast – Porro (TMP remix) (Electronical Reeds)
Oscar De Rivera – Zambrana (Kiko remix) (Material)
F Sonik – Forest People (KD Music)
Gabriel Ananda – Give Me Five (Basmati)
Maskio – Human Jungle (Santos re-edit) (Hell Yeah)
Timo Maas – Subtellite (Cocoon Recordings)
Andhim – Wallace (Terminal M)
Dosem – Trust (Bedrock)
Kiko – We Love Sunrise (Signature By Kiko)
Wally Lopez – African (Material Series) Aldo Cadiz & Oscar Barila – Fractal (Alex Costa remix) (Deep Circus)
Luid – Live Cut (Basti Grub remix) (Moan Recordings)
Mungolian Jetset – The Dark Incal (Smalltown Supersound)

Second episode of Conga Nights mixes is dedicated to hardest and most dance-floor oriented, peak-hour tribal techno.

Selected and mixed by Juri Konradi, 2015.
Recorded from vinyl.

Another dj mix by me with similar feel, techno and acid:


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