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Import Dual Mono files Mac OS X 10.11

This is fast instruction how to super fast convert dual mono audio into stereo.

I am big fun of Bias Peak, unfortunately it no longer can be installed on newer Macs (OS X 10.11 El Capitan). But the software had such a handy “Import Dual Mono” menu command. Newer programs don’t offer such a simple way to convert.

So my advice, super fast and effective solution:


Install free Audacity software. It is ugly but very fast. It took me 10 minutes to find out how to do it.

Preferences/Quality: 16 bit

# N (# = Cmnd key)

Shift # I, select 2 mono files, press Enter

“The upper track (“file name L”) will become the left channel of the stereo track and the lower track will become the right channel”

Track Menu (Triangle next to the track title) / Make Stereo Track

To cut off not usable parts:

Zoom In: # 1

Zoom Out: # 3


# I (Edit > Clip Boundaries > Split)

Double click, delete

# Shift E

Press [x] on track’s upper left


Unpolished Acid

Acid house, acid techno mix. Raw, analogue sound. Vinyl only.

Anna Led 2016/17 Fall/Winter show

Mini DJ mix for fashion show by Anna Led

Let Them Fly Away

Lost and found mix from 2008.
Nu’ Jazz, Downtempo, vinyl only.


Techno with emotions, melodies and power.

Interview for Latvian State Radio

Interview I gave to state radio, with some of my tracks in between. In Russian.

Reloop Beatpad 2 Case

Trying to buy affordable (<100€) and light (plastic) case for Reloop Beatpad 2. I already own smaller one produced by Thomann that fits almost ideally Allen&Heath Xone 23, and wanted similar. But can't find exactly the size. At the moment Thomann offered me to order this, custom case (it is not on their website, they offered it to me by email): Thon Flex Cut Universal Case 2, differing with high-quality plastic material for 95€. Weight: 4,8KG.

Maybe this illustrations will be useful for other Reloop Beatpad 2 users.
Reloop Beatpad2 case

Reloop Beatpad2 case bad

Note that my Reloop Beatpad 2 dimensions differs from official, because faders and knobs make it bigger.


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